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Babylon Wallet

Use a simple SDK integration to enable seamless in-game web3 wallets for players, hosted on Babylon.


The Babylon Wallet is a web3 wallet solution designed specifically for video games.

By implementing the Babylon Wallet into their games, developers can give enable effortless onboarding experiences, seamless in-game transactions, and enhanced wallet engagement without players having to leave the game.

Core Features and Benefits

The Babylon Wallet gives developers a core set of features distinguishing it from other wallet solutions:

  • Zero-click wallet onboarding: Instantly create wallets for new players, reducing friction and boosting conversion rates. This simplifies the onboarding process for players and increases the number of players, ultimately leading to higher revenue for game developers.

  • Password-less login: Users can secure their wallets using a unique passkey, ensuring ease of access via passwords or on-device biometrics while maintaining security.

  • No gas fees for players: Players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without worrying about gas fees, as Babylon Wallet covers these costs.

  • Simple asset purchases: Support for ERC20 to ERC20 or NFT swaps at the best execution price, using the wallet's inbuilt integration with the 0x protocol's liquidity aggregator.

  • Safe account recovery: Simple seed phrase account recovery process to ensure users can regain access to their wallets when needed.